Sea Kayak Samos provides quality kayaks and equipment, carefully maintained, essential for the best performance and safety when paddling.
We use sit-inside kayaks. All of them are fitted with rudders.

Single kayaks

Rainbow (Laser kayaks): We provide Laser kayaks, of the Italian company Rainbow. We believe that Laser kayaks are ideal for a wide range of paddlers, from beginners (since they have good stability) to experienced paddlers that want to develop advanced skills. They are ideal for expeditions due to their speed and storage capacity.

Winner kayaks (Dreamer & Otium): In addition to the Laser we also have two models from Winner kayaks

Double seater kayaks

Winner Hug: Its spacious cockpit area is ideal for two people to spend comfortable, quality time together. All kayaks are fitted with rudders that make them very easy to navigate.



We have a selection of paddles, all of them with an adjustable feather angle between 0° and 90° and available in various lengths.
In detail, the models we have are:
Celtic 650 kinetic
Lendal 650 kinetic tour
Accent Fit Accent Kauai
We also have some handmade Greendland paddles.

We use these models for extended day trips and expeditions. For day trips we use aluminum/plastic paddles, the best choice due to their resistance. If you would like one of the above-mentioned models on a day trip please inform us. Buoyancy aids (PFD's) and spraydecks in all sizes from brands like NRS, Palm and Aquarius.


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